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What is Web Development?

Agencies feel web development stops at the end of the design cycle of the website, once the site is created their job is done. Alphalytics takes a different approach, we understand the techniques for designing change very quickly and its important to stay up with trends so you don’t get left behind. We have processes that help us leverage the actual usability of your site in order for us to change anything that seems off. With our analytics package we can decide when something is misplaced which might take months or years to come apparent as more people begin to use your site. As a company that is based off of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence we understand that it takes time to confirm a certain design is useful.

What Separates us from everyone else?

We have knowledge in both networking and front end web design which gives us the advantage over many marketing and development companies. There isn’t many companies that are equally skilled on both ends. They either focus on getting a website up and hosted properly but this results in a lack of visual aesthetics that can separate you from the competition. In the contrary, if someone is very good graphically they might lack the ability to keep things moving in the background and as google gets smart it will leave your site out of the equation if it loads slowly or has a usability issue that isn’t apparent by looking at your site with the human eye. Alphalytics is confident that we can deliver both web design services without compromising one for the other.

Digital Marketing & Branding

Alphalytics understands the importance of first impressions which is why we take a digital first approach to marketing and branding. Gone are the days where paying top dollar for a commercial on T.V was the right way to market. Now there is so many techniques that it can become overwhelming to weed out the wrong ways. People spend half their day interacting with a digital interface and that number is growing as more things are able to grab peoples attention. Owning a shop is only part of the equation and the only way to tackle the other end is go to where the customers are. We are able to target the right marketing and branding techniques which expose your business to every local customer possible. We know you have good products, let us spend the time with you to show your customers this is the case.

More than a third of all consumers want to check a company out on their own time online before they interact with them. If your marketing campaign or brand is sub par or boring you are actually negatively effecting what you have worked so hard to create. Marketing is the best way to show your customers that you are engaging and willing to interact back with your loyal customers. This is extremely important because over half of people looking for a service or product consider it bad customer service if they are left on read. Our marketing packages help you understand the customer relationship with your business and will factor in input from them to offer suggestions on how to improve your business model. Alphalytics’ “customer first” approach we are able to create a campaign that will make your customers put you first.

Digital Marketing is Flexible. This means that you don’t have to settle for one design in a paper ad and hope people like it. We run analytics on any ad that we make or post and find out what your customers enjoy and which ones they don’t appreciate as much. This will help keep you ahead of the game because many companies feel they can market themselves but they aren’t considering using historical data to better enhancing their efforts. With this technique we are able to spend less time discovering what works and more time engaging with your customers to build a strong relationship with them.

Search Engine Optimization

Advanced SEO using Machine Learning

What the heck is Voice Search Optimization?

Many agencies are trying to sell Voice Search Optimization as a new concept but what they don’t want you to know is if they did their job right the first go around they wouldn’t have to redo the content on your site to comply with voice search. Most agencies partake in grey/black hat techniques to get you results from all the search engines, this means that when someone searches with their voice you wont be found because your site is stuffed with a keyword that doesn’t make sense to the search engine algorithms. Alphalytics understands the importance of Voice Search but we can gaurentee there is no difference between the way we type and the way we talk. When we properly optimize your site for google search results we will also be properly optimizing your site for searches through google assistant, Alexa and Siri. We are a professional company that knows when new trends are real or when they are a fad. Voice Search Optimization is a buzz word that we have always planned for so when you deal with us you can be confident your site will be easily accessible for longer conversational searches that were once searched by typing.

How Natural Language Processing can help

Natural Language Processing, or NLP is an important artificial intelligence technique that helps resolve the ambiguity in the human language for computers. Google is the king of NLP which is why their search engine is the most popular. They have mastered the techniques of making a computer understand what humans want through a simple search. Our NLP software allows us to keep your site in good standing with google. We process every sentence to make sure that computers can understand exactly what is trying to be explained. Alphalytics is interested in creating quality websites with unique content that makes Google’s NLP pick you over your competitors. Let us handle this essential skill so you can gain a competitive edge.

E-Commerce Web Design

E-Commerce is used to refer to the sale of any product online. This technique helps make your business visible to more people in Buffalo and the surrounding community around the clock. Allowing Alphalytics to take care of your eCommerce gives you a competitive advantage because many competing companies in the Buffalo region think they will do fine without it. The assumption eCommerce is not needed will substantially limit a companies profit, for instance there are over 1.8 billion buyers digitally for any calendar year and eCommerce will help target a large portion of them. Our eCommerce packages are visually appealing and designed with speed in mind which will help you sell merchandise while you sleep. Our practices of implementing eCommerce help make several products easier to discover and explore for the consumer. Alphalytics’ team conclude that eCommerce is a perfect solutions for someone that has a unique or highly desired product.

Online Presence Consulting

Many people don’t realize how important off page presence can be. Don’t fall for the web companies that sell you a site and never mention the importance of being active on other platforms. That’s like a car dealership selling you an engine without the rest of the car. Alphalytics understands the way people navigate the internet, and it might surprise you that its not people finding you on accident. There are proven techniques that can be leveraged to get the most amount of traffic properly. We understand you don’t have time to keep track of all of these avenues. This is why you should allow us to take care of it for a worry free guaranteed way to generate more organic traffic to your business.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is valuable for any company that wants to promote their brand and name. Alphalytics’ solution for digital signage are programmed to display anything that companies want to display. Our digital signage solutions run off the powerful and diverse RaspberryPi for cost effective and customizable options. Alphalytics helps electronically display menus, informative info, advertising, and any other public message professionally. Digital Signage is extremely powerful and is growing in popularity because it is engaging, low maintenance and much more effective vs older signs and paper posters.

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