Our Pricing Model

Alphalytics pricing model is straight forward and one that everyone benefits from. This model helps break the current pay structure that many web design agencies offer. Not only is this pricing model easy to understand but no long term contracts help keep your mind at ease.

The Good For Us

Many web development companies offer software-as-a-service products. The difference is that we are always keeping track of your website analytics. We perform monthly audits, updates, and keep your website performing well. The security of your site and your business content are always protected. Even better than if you hired an agency for a short period. Alphalytics realized that many of our clients were in need of continuous updates. This expressed a demand for continuous improvement in the small business solution sector.

The Good For You

Our development team strives for actual results through website metrics and analytics. Analytics are the answer to show how well your web designer is performing. Our software-as-a-service model proves our worth. You will know if we can boost your digital presence before you've invested too much time & money. We promise to keep things growing as we get paid monthly. The responsibility to out perform your competitors is on our web design team. When you deal with Alphalytics we are in the business of longevity.

The All Around Good

Alphalytics’ pricing model is perfect for small business. We have experience in many different industries. We know exactly what will make your website out perform your competition. Our model lets you grow at a faster rate. We help you keep a professional digital presence without costing a fortune. Our model also helps you budget because you wont have any surprise costs. When you need updates and changes we will make them.

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We Are Alphalytics

Alphalytics is a modern web design company that is proud to call Buffalo, NY their home. Their modern design approach helps every local & national business stand out from the crowd. Their complete web based solutions will establish an identity and confidence with your brand.

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