What Our Web Designers Focus on for Landing Page Design

We want to make sure that our landing page design will help attract visitors and convert them into paying customers. One of the most important aspects of designing a good landing page is that it needs to be visually attractive, have a clear copy, and have engaging visuals.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We're your one-stop conversion optimization shop! We'll make sure that we can create a design for landing pages to improve conversion rates no matter what you need. At the end of the day, the most important goal of your website should be to increase your conversion.

Design Styles

We offer a variety of design styles for our clients. Whether you want a minimalistic design with clean lines and muted colors or a vibrant design that is full of life and energy our web design team can help! You can rest assured knowing that our designers have experience with designing websites for all types of business personalities.

Modern Design

Our modern design techniques focus on appealing to your audience. We want our design to be the best reflection of your company and brand and that reflection needs to be established immediately after your potential customers land on your home page. Whether you're a start-up with bold ideas or an established business we can help create conversion optimization strategies that will get results!

Call to Action

A call to action is a subtle technique that inspires your audience to further interact with your website. A good call to action will encourage your visitors to take an immediate, decisive, and often persuasive step or course of action to hopefully convert them into paying customers.

These might include:

  • Clicking an External Link
  • Signing Up for a Trial Subscription
  • Buying Products
  • Learn More Actions
  • Open a Service Page
  • Newsletter Signup

Industry-Specific Appeal

If you're in the food industry, your landing page design will need to be different from a retail store. Our web design team understands this and we'll work with you to customize your landing page design to appeal to your specific audience. We research your industry to make sure that we are in tune with what you need!

Clean Design

A clean design is one of the best ways to create a landing page that serves a purpose for your company. Our designers will use subtle techniques and tricks to keep your visitors engaged with our website without distracting them or overwhelming them! Getting the point across but not being too flashy or overwhelming is what our designers aim for when designing your landing page.

Compelling Copywriting

Our copywriting will be accurate & original to help get your landing page on the front page of specific Google searches. We'll help you to create the most effective copywriting for your company. We have copywriters that fluently understand the English language so that you can be sure your marketing copy is concise and proper.

  • Fresh
  • To the Point
  • Clear & Concise
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Factual
  • Attention-Grabbing

Appealing Visuals

We understand that not everyone knows exactly what they want for their website but we will help to create the best possible visuals for your landing page design! Our designers know how important a good-looking website is to maintain or increase conversion rates so we'll spend as much time as necessary to make your design eye-catching!

How Alphalytics Efficiently Designs Landing Pages

We use a variety of design styles to create landing pages that are perfect for your business. We want our website and landing page designs to be the best possible reflection of who you are so we'll make sure to spend time getting it right!

Consider Your Target Audience

We'll take into account who your target audience might be so that when they land on your website they are drawn in. We know that every company is different, so we will work with you to create a design for your landing page that speaks to your target audience's personality!

Build Trust With Your Audience

Our designers at Alphalytics understand that trust is the most important thing to maintain or increase sales for your company. When we design your landing page, our objective is to make sure you are seen as a trustworthy and reliable company! We'll take into account who your target audience is. This way when they land on your website we will know exactly what will trigger emotion from them.

Encourage an Action From Your Audience

The purpose of a landing page is to encourage certain actions from your audience. We know that the simpler you make it for visitors on our website, the more likely they are going to take that action and convert into paying customers! the goal is to keep your design simple for visitors. This will result in them taking action and converting into paying customers!

Our Online Booking & Scheduling Solutions

Crew Member Assignments

We offer custom web design solutions that will allow you to handle your crew members scheduling. All you need to do is enter in their names, and the days they work (or don't) into our crew assignments solution. You can also add skill sets for each individual so that your business will not only know which crew members can handle what jobs but also which customers they should be seeing.

If you are a business owner then this could be critical information when it comes to business planning, because it means you will be able to better foresee your staffing needs. We work with your existing website setup to make this process seamless and easy to use.

Customer Service Assistance

If your business relies heavily on customer interaction, then our custom online booking solutions can help you in that arena too! This online booking solution will help your business keep track of important notes about each individual's needs so that when your customers come back for another service or speak to someone else from your team, they will easily know what is needed.

This is great for customer service because it means that you can spend more time on the things your customers need and less time worrying about what they already told someone else. Your clients will be happy to be able to schedule appointments directly from your site.

Having a full service online booking & scheduling portal built right into your web page is a guarantee that your customers will never have to wonder if their appointments are up-to-date or not.

Payment Portals

We offer custom payment portals for all of your business booking & scheduling needs. We build these using an intuitive login system that will allow you to easily manage billing on the go wherever and whenever it is needed, including any changes in pricing or availability.

As a result, you will never have to worry about customers not understanding their billing. It will also become more difficult for them to miss payments due, simply because they were unable to access their bills. Payments & booking are directly related and the quicker your company can deal with payments, the less time you will be wasting.

Here are a few vendors that we can support:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Square
  • Venmo

Online Booking

Our custom online booking page will get integrated directly into your very own website. This will allow you to have a business portal that is fully functional, easy to use and up-to-date with all your latest availability. You can customize the look of your online bookings or the overall design using any colors, fonts and images you want.

This appointment scheduling software will be fully customizable so that you can have the type of booking system that suits your business needs and is as easy to use for one person, or many.

Whether you need recurring appointments or a way to handle a large volume, our custom online booking system is the perfect way to take control. This means that any industry or business size can take advantage of our booking solutions.

Task Management

Task Management is vital to the success of any business. Our custom solutions will allow you to create, assign and track tasks so that your team stays on top of their workload. You can also use our task management solution as a tool to delegate responsibilities amongst the various members in your organization.

This is an important step for businesses who want to stay ahead of deadlines or are struggling with deadlines that are set by your customers. Our task management is part of our scheduling solution, so you'll have a full solution to schedule meetings, assign tasks and manage your team's overall workload.

Our Experience Is Unmatched

Multiple Industry

No matter what industry you work in, our web design team has experience in it. We understand what it's like to need a schedule and booking to fit your specific needs. We have the knowledge of what functions are necessary for any industry, no matter how different they may be from one another.

No One-Size-Fits All

We are able to integrate different parts of a full system to make it work for each individual client's schedule and needs. We have the experience to know what works best in any industry, which is why you can trust us with your online booking & scheduling needs.

Some industries need an in-depth calendar where others need more specific team member information. Whatever your needs are, we will be able to make sure that they are met and exceeded with our custom solutions.

Featured Projects

We have an extensive portfolio of work done for a wide variety of companies. We can go in depth with our client's needs to make sure you know how we set ourselves apart from the rest.

The existing projects we have done are fully functioning & showcase the different ways we can set up your client's online booking & scheduling.

Custom Membership & Client Portal Options

Client Portals

Our web design team can create a secure client portal to promote client engagement. It's a great option for companies that want to provide only the information their clientele needs in order to maintain and grow their business, while also making sure all of their clients have one central place to access it.

  • Company Updates
  • Billing
  • Specific Files
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Customer Service

We can integrate a WordPress client portal directly into your existing website, or create a new website for your company.

Membership Sites

A membership site is perfect for businesses who want exclusive content or services with an added monthly fee. It's a great way to give your clientele that exclusive experience you want them to feel like they're getting with their purchase.

The Perfect Solution For:

  • Influencers
  • Bloggers
  • Community Building
  • Exclusive Offers

Subcontractor Logins

If you work with a lot of subcontractors & partners you'll love this option. It's a great for managing all of your subcontractors by making sure they can still access the information they need without interacting directly with you. You can designate only those who are involved with you on a project to be able to log in and see certain content that is unique to them. If there is a lot of paperwork & documents to keep track of, making them digital & organized in a portal will save you a lot of time and headache.


Writing industry specific blogs that should only be viewable to certain audiences is a great way to get your target audience engaged.

We will design a portal on your site so only people with the correct login credentials will be able to see these blog posts. If you are in an industry with guides & tutorials, you can specify which articles are accessible to which audiences. This is a great way for people who need help, but only want information related to the services they receive from you.

Document Access & Signing

If you need to have your documents accessible for certain users, but don't want it available online or on a public forum there is another option. You can use our software and design a specific customer portal that will allow people with the required credentials to log in & sign contracts digitally without actually having them physically present. This saves time from everyone involved so they can get back to work.

Why Our Client Portals Are Invaluable

Exclusive Content

Exclusive content is a way to create communication with your audience and help them feel like they are privileged enough to know, access, or do something that other people might not. It's typically used in communication platforms where users get emails for highly valuable information on schedule because it creates engagement and keeps them coming back time and time again. Assuming you have the right communication strategies in place this technique will work wonders.

If you want your viewers, customers, or clients to be fully engaged with your site then it is wise to include exclusive content within your website.

  • Exclusive Blogs
  • Marketing & Promos
  • Awards
  • Case Studies
  • Programs/Classes
  • Content Libraries

Become Organized

When you have a client portal you are able to organize parts of your website that might have been lost in the mix otherwise. It's a great way to get all of your information together so that you are better equipped to serve your customers and clients on their terms.

Tagging certain users with certain access will automatically keep things organized without any additional interaction with for your team.

Build Your Community

Offering exclusive content is also a great way for businesses on tight budgets to build a community in an organic and authentic way without having huge upfront costs for paid ads. It's the perfect tool that allows you to engage your audience through communication, not advertising alone which can be more invasive.

Time Saver

Everyone likes to save time and if you're not utilizing your client portal then you are missing out on a great opportunity to save time. By cutting down communication that is repetitive, you will have more time to spend on your business and less time trying to find misplaced documents, provide customer service & keeping your sub contractors aware of what's going on.

Our Website Hosting Options

Affordable Monthly Plans

Our full service website hosting plans are reasonably priced & fast. We believe in building a better internet experience & that starts with site speed. Our website hosting packages are perfect for individuals and growing businesses alike, with pricing to fit any budget.

No Commitments Needed

If you're not ready to make a long-term commitment upfront, our website hosting services only require that you pay monthly. If there is any reason you aren't satisfied with our customer service or hosting abilities. You can cancel your contract & move your site to a different website hosting service provider at any time.

No Hidden Fees

We don't believe in hidden fees or random fees for any of our services, so web hosting isn't any different. Every hosting package that you pick comes with a flat rate pricing structure that is easy to understand. This is why we're the website hosting experts.

Industry Leaders

We have been providing website hosting for years, so you can trust that our team has your site's best interest at heart. Our industry knowledge and expertise makes us an industry leader in website hosting services & cloud computing solutions on the AWS platform.

SSL certificate

Secure connections are becoming the norm for website hosting services. Whether you want to ensure your site has a secure connection with our website hosting or allow others access, we include an SSL with every site. We provide all of the necessary security features in order to keep your website protected from malicious activity & build trust with your audience.

  • secure
  • trust
  • compliance
  • protection

DNS Configuration

We provide website hosting on a DNS level so you don't have to worry about configuring your website's domain name. We take care of everything for you - and if there is an issue, our customer service team will be happy to help diagnose the problem.

Multiple Server Locations

Hosting with AWS provides fast content delivery because it was designed to deliver content quickly. This website hosting service is available in several AWS locations around the world which means your website will be delivered to your audience from the closest server. This will save time and bandwidth, which will in turn provide you with a faster website hosting service.

Companies like AWS allow businesses to host their sites on servers in the cloud without having to spend time & resources on server infrastructure or hardware. Rather than paying for expensive physical machines placed around the world, you only have to pay for the traffic being handled by their solutions.

A Modern Approach To An Old Problem

A website isn't a website without hosting. Web development companies have been implementing hosting for decades, but the problem is, not much has changed. It's time to embrace the future of website hosting by utilizing cutting edge cloud-based web server solutions for your site.


Having fast web hosting doesn't need to be a goal that's too far out of reach, like it was in the past. Utilizing web hosting services that are based in the cloud will make your website load faster than ever. Cloud computing allows hosting providers to leverage their power, which results in a better web experience for you as a user.


Utilizing web hosting solutions for your site ensures a reliable connection. One of the most important aspects of running a website, for your business, is ensuring that you have absolutely no downtime.

Cloud computing allows us to regulate and monitor your servers, which means less time we spend trying to figure out what's wrong with your website. Resulting in us being able to have faster response times when it comes to solving issues.


The word "cloud" is often associated with large, complex systems. But that's not the case here. Cloud computing offers a more scalable solution for hosting WordPress websites too.

A website isn't just about your business' representation on the internet - it also needs to function properly. Being able to scale your resources to your traffic volume is vital to maintaining a strong customer relationship.


One of the best things about web hosting with AWS is that it's hassle-free. You don't have to worry about any of the technicalities because we handle all of that for you -so you can focus on boosting your business' success!

Alphalytics Product Strategy & Management Services

Order Tracking

Using an e-commerce website is only the first half of a successful product strategy. In order to determine what is and isn't selling, you need a way to track orders. Our solutions will provide a dashboard with all of your orders so you can effectively keep track of orders and process them accordingly.

Product Inventory Management

You need to know what the inventory on hand is at any given time, which is why we provide you with an easy-to-use dashboard that will keep all your stock levels in order. With this solution there won't be a chance for items to go missing because they're unaccounted for.

Product Descriptions & Documentation

When properly selling products online, it's imperative to create detailed product descriptions and documentation. This way your customers will know exactly what they are purchasing as well as how the product works all while not needing to contact customer service for help.

Product Price Adjustments

One of the things that can be done with our custom product management dashboard is to make price adjustments. If you need to reduce the cost of a product, this will allow you to do so without any hassle at all - keeping in mind your business's policies and guidelines for prices.

Dashboards & Reporting

If you are interested in taking your online selling to another level, you have to consider custom dashboards and reports. Our solutions present a dashboard with all of your products so you can see what's selling, which ones are most popular, inventory levels as well as the ability to make price adjustments accordingly.

Examples of Report Metrics:

  • Revenue during a time period
  • Order Information
  • Returns
  • Product Popularity
  • Customer Details

Collaborative Access

We offer collaborative access to your product management dashboard. This is beneficial because you can share the information with other staff members so you can scale easier. Splitting up responsibility between employees & business partners is an easy way to stay on track.

The Benefits to Proper Product Strategy

Be More Efficient

Effective product strategy & management will help you to be more efficient with your time and effort. You'll have a better understanding of the products your business sells as well as what needs work. This is made easier when paired with our e-commerce solutions because they are fully functioning portals that you can access remotely. This is perfect for when you're working at home or on the go!

Keep Your Customers Happy

Your customers will only be as happy as you keep them. If they have to constantly contact customer service because of an issue with inventory, your business can take a hit pretty quickly. The more efficient and streamlined this process is, the less likely you are to experience these issues. With our product management dashboard in place, it's easier for your customers to be self sufficient.

Increase Sales Volume

There are more benefits to good product strategy & management than just making your customers happy. With an effective product strategy, you can increase sales volumes and keep up with what's selling better - leading to a higher ROI for the business as well.

Lower Expenses

The less time spent on managing products means that there is more time available for other tasks. With more time available, you are able to reduce your expenses on outsourcing. Our product management solutions will help keep your online store running smoothly so there's no money lost on downtime & data gathering.

Exceptional Ecommerce Offerings

Custom Checkout

Alphalytics engineering team can create custom checkout solutions that will match the theme of your website and be easy to use. We can create single click checkouts, account creation, & loyalty programs that will help customer retention.

Custom Carts

Custom cart solutions create the ability to create a custom shopping experience for your customers. This is important because it helps make your site unique and special, while also allowing you to have more control over what products are being sold on your ecommerce store.

Product Management

Ecommerce Product design allows for easier management of inventory, shipping rates, taxes, and more. This will make it easier for your employees to manage & less likely for them to make a mistake. This will create a better experience for your customers too.

Product Images

Customers are visiting your online store for a reason: they want to see your products. Alphalytics design team can create attractive product images that will connect with customers and motivate them to buy what you are selling.

Product Description

Customers are going to want to read the description of your products before they buy. Custom product descriptions that are properly styled create a better customer experience. This will clearly define what you're selling!

Product Reviews

Customers are going to want to read the reviews that you have on your products before they buy. Alphalytics design team can create attractive product review sections that will connect allow existing customers to review products. This will create a better customer experience.

Loyalty Programs

Custom loyalty programs create the ability for customers to earn points/credits by making purchases that can be redeemed later on. This creates opportunities for repeat business and increased revenue per customer, which is always good!

Take Advantage Of Custom Ecommerce

Reflects Your Brands Identity

Custom ecommerce solutions create the opportunity for you to create a personalized online shopping experience that reflects your brands identity. This is important because it helps make your site unique and special.

Makes Your Staff More Efficient

Having custom ecommerce solutions means your staff will be able to create and manage products more easily. This saves time for you because it decreases the chance for mistakes, which creates a better experience for customers too.

Reduces Customer Frustration

Custom ecommerce solutions create the opportunity for you to create a personalized online shopping experience that will reduce customer frustration. This is important because it helps make your site easy and accessible for customers, which creates an easier purchasing process.

Scale Your Company

Custom ecommerce solutions create the opportunity for you to create a personalized online shopping experience that will allow your company to scale properly. This is important because as you grow, the way you manage inventory and customers won't change.

SEO Friendly

Designing an ecommerce solution will help your SEO efforts. Shopify & other premade shops don't focus on generating organic traffic to your store. Custom ecommerce solutions are designed by experts who create a better search engine optimization strategy.

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Unique

Our Responsive Web Design Techniques

Flexible Images

  • The flexible images technique ensures that your website will resize without distortion when viewed on a mobile device with its smaller screen, meaning less zooming and more browsing!

Proper Margins, Padding & Fonts

  • If you don't have enough padding around your images, they can get cut off by the web browser on smaller screens. This is not only jarring to look at but it can also make people think that there are links missing from your site!

Optimize Navigation

  • Navigation on a responsive website should be easy to find and use. We'll make sure that your navigation is available at every screen size, so you have control over how much of it appears or disappears as needed.

Typography Strategies

  • Understanding how to place components onto a page is essential element of web design. We'll use the right typography techniques to create a clean interface that has been designed responsively!

Touchscreen Considerations

  • We offer a touchscreen-friendly website design to ensure that your visitors are able to navigate and interact with the site on their tablet, smartphone or other touchscreen device.

Content Placement

  • When it comes to content placement, you'll want to be sure you are putting the most important information first. This includes things like headings or text-based navigation items.

Why Go Responsive?

Rank Higher Than Your Competition

  • If you make sure your website is responsive you will rank above your competitors in Google's search engine results pages. The higher your website appears on the Google SERPS, the more clicks it will receive. This means that you'll be able to get in front of a lot more people.

Usability For Your Audience

  • If you're looking to attract more people and offer a seamless experience, then responsive web design is a must. It's not just about Google - it's also about the people who visit your site. If they can't easily see what you're offering, then chances are that they'll go somewhere else.

Greater Conversion Rates!

  • More time on-site means more opportunity for conversion. Responsive web designed sites are also easier to read, so your visitors will have a better experience and are less likely to leave your site frustrated or confused!

Our WordPress Web Development Options

  • Static Page Design
    • When we design with WordPress we are still able to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which are the major languages for designing websites. This gives us the freedom to create custom functionality.

  • WooCommerce/Ecommerce Store
    • WooCommerce is the most complete ecommerce system for WordPress. It includes a variety of features from simple product catalogs to advanced order management.

  • WordPress Blogs
    • We can provide a fully functional blog with posts, pages and comments. Additionally we offer the ability to create custom post types such as events, books, movies, and so much more.

  • Booking & Appointments
    • We will create an interactive calendar and allow you to book appointments with your clients. This will include agent portals, client portals, or a combination of both.

  • Client Portals
    • We are able to create a secure login system for your clients to access their content. We will set up custom administrative functionality and offer support services.

  • Membership Site
    • We can create a membership site that allows clients to purchase access with either monthly or yearly billing. Site members will be able to log in and view or interact with your content.

  • Restaurant Menu
    • We can integrate a customized restaurant menu into your website so that customers are able to order food quickly and easily. We will create a custom design and integrate it into your site.

The Benefits Of WordPress Web Development

  • WordPress is a strong CMS that allows you to easily create, edit and manage your blog or website.

  • Web design is the best option for small businesses who want an economical and functional solution.

  • Benefits for small business owners such as being easy to customize templates, dynamic plugin options, & easy to edit & create new content.

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