Integrating API & Cloud Integrations: Why RESTful API's and GraphQL Calls?
Integrating API's and Cloud computing for your daily tasks is a great way to make your business more efficient. These integrations will allow you to have the ability to transfer data between different platforms easily. If you have legacy systems that need updating or business operations that are out dated, our development team can take care of centralizing your data. There are two main types of data layers that our programmers deal with: RESTful API's and GraphQL calls. Both have their own advantages in certain instance but our developers understand both fully. API's, or application programming interface, are used to integrate two or more platforms together. Whether it is on-site data stored on a local SQL database or its data stored in the cloud on a non-relational database like mongoDB. our programmers can design an interface that ties all of your data together quickly & efficiently.

API & Cloud Integrations

API & Cloud Integration Solutions:


With GraphQL, there are a lot of advantages that make it an attractive option for integrating data. It is exactly what its name suggests: graph-like query language. Its data structure is dynamic and only returns specifically what is asked for.


RESTful API's are a great option for integrating data from different parts of your own system. They can be integrated with third party systems such as Salesforce, MailChimp and more! Our developers have experience using both methods so we understand exactly how beneficial they can be for your business.


If you are looking to store your company's data in the cloud, AWS is a great option. It has capabilities that span from high availability public and private clouds, to network-native storage systems like Amazon Ec2 Amazon SES for email hosting. If your trying to move to the cloud our developers can help you get there.

Stateless Programming

Even though RESTful API's are natively defined as stateless, there are so many aspects to stateless. Databases are even becoming stateless which means that transactions are forgotten about. This can be a big advantage for companies that are trying to scale up their capabilities or have high availability.

Lambda Functions

Lambda functions are a great way to add capabilities to your existing applications. They are small functions that can be used to interact with other API's and cloud computing capabilities. They can also be triggered on the fly which means you will not have any downtime when running them!

Relational & Non-Relational Databases

Its becoming more common to store data centrally in the cloud. This will help keep your company's data secure and will be easier to access. If you are trying for a more relational database, we can help integrate your current on-site or cloud SQL databases with the AWS Cloud capabilities.

The Importance of Cloud & API's

Helps Your Business Scale

When you are growing your business, scaling it up can be difficult. Integrating API's and cloud capabilities will allow for easy scalability of your company to keep up with its demands.

Enhances the Accessibility of Data

With API's and cloud capabilities, you will have the ability to access all of your data no matter what platform it is stored on. This means that if any changes are made or new information needs to be inputted, you can do so without having to worry about transferring files back & forth.

Creates Better Connections between Systems

API's and cloud capabilities will be able to integrate your company's systems together. This way all of the data is available when needed and won't have any downtime for processing or waiting to load.

Provides Better Security

When you are storing data in the cloud, it becomes protected by a firewall that cannot be cracked without getting past two layers. This is a great benefit to have if you are looking for better security capabilities in your company's data systems.

Helps Prepare for the Future

With the ability to integrate API capabilities and cloud capabilities, it can be easier to prepare your business when new technologies come out or changing trends happen. With these features integrated, your company will be able to keep up with the digital transformation.

Automate Your Processes

With capabilities like AWS, Google Cloud & Microsoft Azure, our developers can create automated tasks and processes. This will allow for a more seamless integration of your company's data systems.

Our FAQs

What is an API?
RESTful API's are the most popular cloud integration today. You can think of REST as a way to connect two different applications together by using URLs and standardized request formats (like JSON or XML). The URL is how you tell each application where on the Internet it needs to find something, like your data. The actual API call is structured in a way to return the data very specifically to how you need it. This might sound complicated but our team of software engineers can handle all the tricky parts.

RESTful API's are the most common integration for a lot of our clients, and we provide them with full integration support. This integration will allow you to transfer data from one platform to another with little to no variation from how the data is received. This is effective when you have a very defined use of the data structure. An example would be if your customers submit an email address on your site so they can get a quote from you. You would want to send that email address and all of their information into an API. This way the integration platform could log this information into your CRM and automatically begin the lead tracking process.

GraphQL calls are used to create a uniform data layer on top of your data layer for integration purposes. These are typically web-based queries and responses, which can be very useful in situations where you need quick information without the need for other connections or records requests that are taxing on your network. These are more on demand calls that can be dynamically adjusted based off what data is needed at the time of request. An example of this would be if you wanted some of the information on a specific product. With GraphQL, programmers only need a specific product ID number in order to provide data that is needed. This avoids the problem of getting too much or not enough information about products. GraphQL is powerful enough to support complex data types, but can also handle basic calls to a database.
Why Alphalytics Has The Right Programming Team
One of the main reasons we have the right programming team for your business is because we a have more than 5 years of experience with modern web development. Considering that the modern web programming languages that we use have been around for less than a decade, five years is often considered to be an incredibly long time in the technology world.

We also have a pool of highly skilled mobile app developers that utilize the same API calls as our web based program which helps save time designing the data layer. This makes our programming efforts way more efficient than most programming teams that might cost a lot to get going on things that you'll never notice. As a matter of fact, we every service we offer will work for any type of industry. We’re not just a one-size fit all company. We have the skillset to integrate with your existing systems so you don't need any new infrastructure moving forward, and we're able to do it in style. Our solutions can be used in any industry that needs access to data that is stored locally or remotely from anywhere at anytime without a hitch.

When it comes to API & cloud based integrations, Alphalytics has been able to integrate with Azure, Amazon AWS, Firebase and other various cloud platforms. Our RESTful API's can be hosted locally or ran directly on a cloud provider to be accessed anywhere. We are always advancing our tool set with the times. We know what is cutting edge and what programming languages are not going to last as an enterprise solution. This ensures that our API's & other cloud solutions can be integrated with any platform without any problem for years to come.
What Is The Point Of An API?
Think of an API as a gateway for a business application to gain access and manage data from another application. The beauty of using an API is that each application can use a different programming language. This is what makes an API so powerful because it can be used by any type of company, large or small, the important part is the connectivity of your customer data to your business operation data.

In other words, once the data channel has been set up between two different applications, they are able to communicate with one another and share information about a user's activity for example. This means that if your application requests specific information from another application, or if your company wants to send data from one database to another then the API is what's going make that happen.

API integration can also provide security & authentication capabilities to help protect your data. Many companies don't consider these things with their digital transformation efforts which results in data theft & unauthorized access to confidential information. With a cloud API in place, you can ensure that only authorized people have access to the data by utilizing an API Key that is specific to each application & user. If there is a need to remove access, new API Keys can be generated and reassigned without the need to delete data.

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