Developing Business Applications: The Latest Key to Managing Your Company
Do you feel like business is getting more and more complex? Or that there are too many business processes to manage efficiently, but not enough time in the day? This can be a huge problem for business owners. Fortunately, our development team has vast knowledge for business application design solutions that may solve your company's issues. Whether your accounting team wastes a lot of time gathering data or your sales team needs to sift through paperwork to find what they are looking for, we can create solutions that directly benefits you business. We will design a full development plan that is custom to your business process issues. Our applications work way better than out of the box solutions because they are specific to your companies problems. Our applications provide many business owners the ability to finally get back to running their business instead of micro managing it!

Business CRM/ERP Solutions

Alphalytics Business Application Options

Inventory Tracking

We will work with you from the ground up to design an inventory management application. We will create a fully functioning databases for managing stock levels and accounting. You will be able to see dashboards & reports of your inventory from anywhere. You won't have to worry about over ordering or under stocking.

Accounting & Financial Tracking

We will help you manage your financial process and all the accounting that goes with it. Tracking your financials & performing end of month task is no longer time-consuming. Our software is always easy to use and offers a full solution.

Quality Control & Inspection Tracking

You will have a full suite of options for quality control. We can help you track any type of inspection process, from initial inspections to final checks before shipment. You'll be able to see in real-time if there are any issues or problems and get it all resolved immediately!

Sales Tracking

Sales tracking can be optimized with proper reporting & analytics. We will create a CRM application for your sales team. We'll provide the data they need to know how much time their spending on what, and what types of customers are most successful. Helping them optimize every action they take!

Project Management

We will create a project management application customized to your business. You'll be able to track projects from start-to-finish and see how much on time you have left for each one. This will also help for scope creep & budgeting.

Business Process Analysis

We'll work with you to find the best business processes for your company. We can develop business applications that are able to see how much time is spent on task & duties. This will allow us to create a solution that will help streamline any inefficiencies to make your staff more efficient.

We Modernize Business Applications

Its More Than Just Design

It's not enough to build a new application, we also help you modernize your current work flow. We offer continuous updating to ensure your business applications are up-to-date. This will guarantee the best possible user experience for employees.

We Are Focused

We pride ourselves on being the best possible partner in this process and always have your interests at heart. We are not just about building software, we're here to partner with you and help your business succeed.

We Have Industrial & Business Knowledge

Understanding your industry is one of our strengths. We have programmers that have worked in many different industries. Resulting in a development team that has extensive knowledge with all kinds of business applications.

Our FAQs

What are CRM and ERP applications?
If you are a company with an established customer base, it is imperative for you to have efficient methods of communicating and maintaining contact with your clients. CRM or Customer Relationship Management offers just that by tracking the customers' needs in one centralized database, which will help your team serve them better than ever before. With these systems at hand we can map out where our strengths lie and what areas need improvement so we are always getting closer to meeting every consumer's individual expectations!

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a process where business resources are planned so that there is efficient delivery of services and products. ERP provides a set of tools and applications that function as a backbone to all other aspects of your business operation. ERP also helps business owners better understand the progress of their company by providing them more time and resources to focus on goals for growth.
Why Use Alphalytics For Business Application Design?
Our app development team has years of experience programming business software that work in several different industries. From tracking quality data in manufacturing to lead tracking software for contracting companies, we have a team of experts that can design custom solutions for your company's needs. We are one of the most trusted app developers in the industry because we always take time to listen and understand your company's needs before designing a solution.

It is imperative to choose an app developer who has experience in your industry, because it will more likely provide the best solution to your pressing issues and ensure productivity increase across all business operations! We even provide solutions to small business owners who might not be processing as much data as larger ones. We believe that every business should be utilizing application development to become more efficient.

Businesses are always looking for ways to manage their business operations more efficiently and in the most time-effective way possible. Our team is here to help with a wide variety of options for business applications that will fit your company's needs specifically! We understanding that every business is different and has a unique set of goals to accomplish. Since every company has different tasks & projects to complete, we spend the time to understand exactly what the pain points & issues are. We want to know what your company needs in order for it to become the most successful that it can be!
How Can A Custom Business Application Be Better Than Out-Of-The-Box Software?
The fact of the matter is that out of the box business apps will never be able to fully encompass your company's unique needs. In order for you to get a custom application design that will solve your business's problems, it is important to work with developers who know your industry very well. Out-of-the-box apps are prebuilt for a variety of different companies or maybe even industries, which means they were never specifically designed for your company's problems. Even if an app may seem like it can integrate into your current apps, you'll just end up confusing your team with multiple different logins.

Our development team has years of experience programming software in many different industries and can help you come up with the best solution for your company's needs. Custom applications are effective because they are designed specifically for your company instead of being thrown together with bits and pieces from many different companies. Think about how much time is wasted when your employees and users are trying to use a piecemeal solution that don't exactly fit their need. We know that all it would take is a custom tailored app for your team to properly manage tasks & create new workflows to make your company more innovative.

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