Why You Need an Ecommerce Store: The Benefits of Owning One
In today's ever-changing ecommerce landscape, it is more important than ever to have a fully functioning online store. More and more people are starting to shop online instead of in person at your actual store, and if you want your customers coming back for repeat business, then an ecommerce store is something that you should consider.

It's also worth mentioning that online stores can work in tandem with your existing brick & mortar store. This means there is no need to have to stop offering your products in person. Most of the people going to your store, will keep going there. Utilizing custom ecommerce solutions will help introduce new customers to your products. Alphalytics design team can help show you why it would be good for your company!

There are many benefits to owning an ecommerce site: it could earn you more customers, help with brand awareness and increase revenue. Plus, having one online shop means not having to maintain individual stores across different platforms or domains in order to satisfy customer demand.

Ecommerce/Online Store

Exceptional Ecommerce Offerings

Custom Checkout

Alphalytics engineering team can create custom checkout solutions that will match the theme of your website and be easy to use. We can create single click checkouts, account creation, & loyalty programs that will help customer retention.

Custom Carts

Custom cart solutions create the ability to create a custom shopping experience for your customers. This is important because it helps make your site unique and special, while also allowing you to have more control over what products are being sold on your ecommerce store.

Product Management

Ecommerce Product design allows for easier management of inventory, shipping rates, taxes, and more. This will make it easier for your employees to manage & less likely for them to make a mistake. This will create a better experience for your customers too.

Product Images

Customers are visiting your online store for a reason: they want to see your products. Alphalytics design team can create attractive product images that will connect with customers and motivate them to buy what you are selling.

Product Description

Customers are going to want to read the description of your products before they buy. Custom product descriptions that are properly styled create a better customer experience. This will clearly define what you're selling!

Product Reviews

Customers are going to want to read the reviews that you have on your products before they buy. Alphalytics design team can create attractive product review sections that will connect allow existing customers to review products. This will create a better customer experience.

Loyalty Programs

Custom loyalty programs create the ability for customers to earn points/credits by making purchases that can be redeemed later on. This creates opportunities for repeat business and increased revenue per customer, which is always good!

Take Advantage Of Custom Ecommerce

Reflects Your Brands Identity

Custom ecommerce solutions create the opportunity for you to create a personalized online shopping experience that reflects your brands identity. This is important because it helps make your site unique and special.

Makes Your Staff More Efficient

Having custom ecommerce solutions means your staff will be able to create and manage products more easily. This saves time for you because it decreases the chance for mistakes, which creates a better experience for customers too.

Reduces Customer Frustration

Custom ecommerce solutions create the opportunity for you to create a personalized online shopping experience that will reduce customer frustration. This is important because it helps make your site easy and accessible for customers, which creates an easier purchasing process.

Scale Your Company

Custom ecommerce solutions create the opportunity for you to create a personalized online shopping experience that will allow your company to scale properly. This is important because as you grow, the way you manage inventory and customers won't change.

SEO Friendly

Designing an ecommerce solution will help your SEO efforts. Shopify & other premade shops don't focus on generating organic traffic to your store. Custom ecommerce solutions are designed by experts who create a better search engine optimization strategy.

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  • Reliable
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Our FAQs

What is the meaning of e-commerce?
The term ecommerce is short for electronic commerce. It refers to the buying and selling of products or services over a digital network such as the Internet, rather than at physical retail locations. Ecommerce is an efficient way to get your existing customers to become reoccurring buyers. It's also perfect for the new customer, since they will find your store when searching online.

E-Commerce enables consumers to purchase your product without visiting your store in person - whether that's online on their laptop or smartphone when they're home, with their tablet while they're on the go, or not in the area to be able to stop into your store.

As of 2021 Ecommerce is now a $431.6 billion industry. It's growing faster than any other segment of retail. If you're not already maximizing the potential of ecommerce for your brand, it's time to start. There is no reason to wait to setup a store, we will work directly with you so you can understand ecommerce and its benefits. e
What makes Alphalytics different than other companies?
Our company, Alphalytics, offers unmatched ecommerce design services. We make sure that you brand is fully represented and will have a storefront on the web to help your brand grow online. We have continuous training on functionality that will make your brand shine. Our design concepts lead to higher conversion rates than if you were to use other web design companies.

We can help you launch an ecommerce website that does not only look beautiful but has all of the features needed to be successful in today's industry. What's even better is that all of our pages will have a mobile-friendly design. This will ensure your brand is visible on all screens and on every resolution. We will start with your homepage and end with your online store checkout.

Not many companies think about the checkout process, but its extremely important. When we design you ecommerce store, we make sure its easy for your customers to check out. This will result in higher conversion rates and more sales. We are the best company to have design your online store because we take pride in our work and want nothing but the best for everyone involved.
What are the 3 types of e-commerce?
There are three types of e-commerce. The First one is business-to-consumer, also known as B2C, which is the one everyone is most familiar with. This site is used for selling products to their end-users. These types of products directly solve a problem that the consumer has. Most local businesses that need a professional e-commerce site fall into this category. We have plenty of experience designing sites for this type.

The second one is business-to-business, also known as B2B, which has to deal with selling products or services to businesses instead of individuals. These businesses will then turn around and sell to an end-user. This is also sometimes considered "wholesale" where these businesses are buying a product at a cheaper cost & then marking the price up.

The last important type is consumer-to-consumer, also known as C2C, which are already designed sites such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. These sites are used to sell products from one person to another. These types of stores have a marketplace and create the opportunity for individuals who want or need something specific, but can't find it anywhere else, create their own store. We don't normally create sites for this type of e-commerce. This is due to there already being advanced & well known websites that have tons of shoppers already on the platform.

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