Mobile App Development Is Evolving: Emerging Trends for Your Business
Mobile app development is evolving. Mobile apps are becoming more important for business, whether they are used internally or externally. Mobile devices are being used by a majority of your employees, so why not take advantage of this. The mobile trend will continue to grow over time resulting in your entire staff having access to a smart device.

Mobile application development trends have changed based on device usage and new technologies emerging in the marketplace like Augmented Reality (AR) which opens doors for new opportunities in this field. Businesses should be aware of these changes and how they can implement them into their strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

Mobile App Development

Our Development Industries

Your business needs a plan to include smartphones in your strategy, whether it be through an app development for internal staff members or launching native applications on specific platforms that can generate revenue.

Games & Entertainment

Mobile entertainment applications on smartphones are an excellent way to engage with your customers. Games and Entertainment apps can generate revenue by using microtransactions, in-app purchases, or simply give your customers an interactive interface with your brand.

Productivity & Business

Businesses need to take advantage of smartphones for their staff. By supporting smartphones with mobile applications, business owners can utilize the various features smartphones offer and increase productivity in a cost-effective manner.

  • Time Tracking
  • Lead Tracking
  • Expense Reporting
  • Job Costing
  • Product & Inventory Management

News & Information

News and information applications can be used to deliver up-to-the minute updates on your industry. This can help you stay ahead of the competition by providing more current news or breaking headlines in the areas that interest your customers most.

Utility Apps

Utility apps are used for specific tasks such as time management, alarms and reminders. These apps can help your employees with their daily tasks or simply organize your entire business workday.

Lifestyle Apps

Lifestyle applications are a perfect addition to a successful blogging platform. The mobile applications that we can design in this industry will help build your knowledge for the category you're a professional in. This will also give your audience access to things they may not have access to from your website.

The Technology We Utilize


Flutter is an open-source mobile app SDK built by google. Its main purpose is for developing high quality native apps on iOS and Android in record time. It allows you to write once, run everywhere with the same codebase across both platforms. Saving our clients both time and money on development.


Electron is a software development kit (SDK) that was created by GitHub. It allows your desktop apps to be published as a cross-platform application with one codebase, while still allowing for native user experiences on each platform. This is great if you have an app that needs to work well across different operating systems and platforms but don't want the hassle of maintaining multiple projects at once.


AWS AppSync automatically creates the necessary API endpoints for your app, making it easy to add real-time functionality. It enables you to build robust applications faster and allows developers to focus on building great mobile apps instead of the back-end service implementation details. This is a perfect fit because we are an agile development company that's always looking for ways to bring our clients the best mobile app development services.

Our FAQs

What Solutions Are Provided With Mobile App Development Services?
The mobile app development process can provide a wide variety of solutions and benefits for businesses in any industry. Mobile apps can be used to monitor the activity of employees, advertise your products or service, simplify work processes, increase sales, develop internal communication platforms that are simple and easy-to use by all members of your staff.

The benefits of having a custom mobile application designed stretches all the way to your customers. Mobile software enables users to purchase products or services virtual at any time of day or night without having to visit your physical store location. They can also help your staff perform duties on off hours that require access to company data. Mobile technology is also more affordable than ever before with new technologies emerging that take less resources from your devices.

Mobile apps are a true business essential that can transform how you do your work. Mobile app development services also provide different types of mobile solutions, and if they are designed efficiently they can be accessible on any device. Whether it is on an android or iOS device, your employees will be more efficient. Mobile app development services are likely to transform your business in the future.
Where Alphalytics Development Team Excels
Mobile app development services are one of the many areas Alphalytics development team excels in. Our mobile app developers understand what it takes to allow for increased productivity, improved efficiency, and lower costs when it comes to business operations. Mobile application design is a complicated process that requires patience, dedication and understanding of how mobile applications can be used by your staff internally or externally on any platform. We focus on functionality for your business process so your application works from launch.

Alphalytics development team is committed to providing customized solutions that are tailored for your needs and budget. Our development process begins by creating a list of use cases that your users will be executing. Next, we'll sketch out the actual user interface to make sure the app functions well for all mobile devices and platforms.

While the user interface is being designed our backend developers are working on a custom backend solution that is tailored to your business needs. We then work with you and your team to finalize all design aspects of the mobile application so it ties into your existing system seamlessly.
How To Establish Mobile App Development Goals
When it comes to mobile app development, the success of your goals relies on how well you know what needs to be done and who your end user is. The goal-setting process is as important for our team as it is for you because we need to understand expectations in order to provide a proper solution. We work closely with you and your staff to establish goals, measure success metrics, and provide the necessary roadmap for what needs to be done. This is a collaborative process that relies on input from your entire team in order to create an app that provides the desired outcome.

In order to establish these goals, you have to work with your staff & customers to understand what you want the mobile application to do. For example, if a goal is improving efficiency you can establish metrics to track time wasted or number of errors in your existing work flow. This will help us find existing bottlenecks & pain points that need to be addressed. These types of goals are measurable and will help us make decisions on what is important for your software to be useful.

The goals and expectations that your team establish are the foundation for our development process. We'll work with you to create a list of requirements for the mobile app, successfully execute on those needs through use cases and user interface design, back-end system integration, and finally provide ongoing support if needed. Our mobile app developers understand how smartphones can help businesses increase productivity, efficiency, and lower costs.

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