The Importance of Pay Per Click: Why You Should Consider Advertising Online
Many of you have probably heard of some form of ads and may even be running traditional campaigns for your business. But what most people don't know is that there are different types of ads that are more cost effective, like pay per click ads. Pay Per Click ads allow advertisers to bid on key words through search engines so their ads will appear when someone searches for those terms.

Our ad managers understand the importance of PPC ads and why they're important to your business. Pay per click ads can get to people searching on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines that have users that might not have otherwise found your website organically. These ads also allow advertisers to target specific groups like age ranges, geography or even gender for the products that are specific to a certain demographic.

PPC & Ad Campaigns

Alphalytics Pay Per Click & Ad Campaign Services

Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising is designed to help generate more qualified leads. When done correctly, it will be your most affordable & profitable form of advertising. Our team of experts will research your industry with advanced analytics tools in order to maximize your ROI.

Social Media Advertising

We will set up your company's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising so that you can be searchable by users who are looking for companies like yours. This is an inexpensive form of advertising with a high return on investment. It allows your company to reach out people in places where they spend the most time online.

Local Advertising Campaigns

Local search engine advertising is more local and focused. It's a great way to target those in your area that are looking for products or services like yours. Whether it be through search engines, directories or other online avenues, we can connect you with people who are actually interested in your products or services.

Responsive Search Advertising

If you are looking for a search engine advertising campaign that's mobile compatible, we will create and implement search ads on Google or other search engines to help your business reach new customers.

Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing campaigns are designed to reach specific groups of customers. Whether it be age ranges, locations or genders. We'll work with you in order to narrow down your target audience and provide the most cost-effective advertising campaign possible that will still hit your desired demographic.

Ad Extension Optimization

Optimizing your ad campaigns is important to a higher CTR. We are able to achieve this by reviewing your keywords, ad text and images to your existing analytics. Many people pay for useless clicks that would have happened organically. With our services we can only target people who will be interested in what you have to offer.

Why Our Campaigns Succeed

We are search experts

We have over 10 years of experience and have helped countless companies succeed in search engine marketing. We are able to measure the success of our campaigns with data-driven strategies. Whether your goal is brand awareness, lead generation or even conversion rates we will work closely with you so that we know what it is you want out of a search campaign.

Experience with targeting customers

We take the time to learn about your target audience. This will maximize your ROI with our ppc techniques. We have experience reaching out to different demographics and will work closely with you so that we understand what it is you want to accomplish with search engine advertising.

We treat every pay per click campaign like its our own

We know how to reduce wasted clicks by only showing ads when they're relevant to the user's search and location, this will help us get better results. When we treat your campaign like its our own, we will try to find ways to reduce the amount of useless clicks.

Our FAQs

How do pay per click campaigns work?
This type of advertising differs from other methods because you aren't restricted to the audience of your advertising company. Google ads are viewable to anyone using their platform which is substantially larger than any other traditional form of advertising. Its extremely easy to get up and going to run your advertisements on google searches just by bidding which keyword(s) you want them to use.

Pay per click campaigns will give you paid traffic from users that are specifically searching for your designated keywords. This means that if a campaign is properly configured, you will be focusing your advertising money specifically on the proper user intent. PPC campaigns only require your company to pay when someone clicks on their curated advertisement. You can specify where you would like your traffic to go, whether its to a click funnel or directly onto a booking site online.
Why You Should Hire Alphalytics To Handle Your Online Advertising
Our ad campaign managers understand the importance of search engine marketing and how it could be a valuable tool for your business. We can help you with set up, optimization & management so that way when people are searching for what you're offering, they find something related to exactly what they were looking for. Before any ad campaign is started, we are able to verify the monthly cost to show you how much it would cost to run the campaign.

PPC campaigns have proven to work well in many industries because they are specific to a google search query or other search engines. They help search engine users find what they are looking for with ease, so that way your potential customers don't have to search any further and can easily book an appointment or purchase a product right away, directly through your ad. Our team spends the time necessary setting up relevant ad groups that are specific to your industry to optimize your campaign.

The search engine marketing team at Alphalytics has experience with all types of PPC campaigns and they understand what works and what is a waste, so they want to make sure that your advertising dollars are put towards an effective tool for your business. We'll make sure the ads on your page are tailored to fit both what's working for other businesses like yours and where you want your business to go!

Since you are the one paying for the ads to run, we want it to make sense for your business. Our ppc marketing process spends more time on allocating your budget more efficiently. This simple yet effective strategy can save your company a ton of money and allow you to invest in the right type marketing efforts.
Is Pay Per Click Advertising Worth It?
Pay per click is drastically more cost effective than other forms of advertisement like TV, radio, newspapers or billboards. Additionally, with PPC ad campaigns there's also targeting tools which can narrow down where a viewer will see your specific ad. If you have a product that is exclusively used by women, its more likely that you'll only want them to view your ad. With traditional advertising that was never an option. If you paid for an ad slot full of people that aren't interested in your services, you have spent money on an audience that never intended to purchase your product.

As online advertising continues to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult for companies and organizations to reach their target customers with traditional forms of media like TV commercials or printed ads. Pay Per Click is one of the best ways that these businesses can connect with potential consumers who visit certain websites because they will only be charged if a visitor clicks on their ad, filtering out the visitors that are not searching for your specific product or services. This type of campaign will not only save money but also provide more relevant marketing opportunities over other types which may have higher costs up front and lower conversion rates.

Cost transparency guarantees accurate expectations of pay per click advertising campaigns that traditional forms of advertising simply cannot do. There are so many companies out there trying to get your ad-dollars that will never get you in front of valuable potential customers. With Google AdWords or any other online advertising platform, advertisers are able to track their ad campaign's success and know exactly how much they have spent on the keywords per day.

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