Product Strategy: Fully Functioning Portals for Employees

Product strategy and product management are two areas of web design that need to be handled with care. Keeping track of inventory, your products performance & product count is vital to customer satisfaction. Getting an e-commerce website built is just part of the project, you will need an efficient way to manage inventory & strategize.

A fully function web portal will allow you to take your product strategy to the next level. We make sure you don't need to be on the premises of your business in order for this to be effective. You can take care of all of these things from home, while still having access to everything you need! If there are any problems with stock levels or inventory, this will be highlighted quickly and addressed properly.

Product Strategy & Management

Alphalytics Product Strategy & Management Services

Order Tracking

Using an e-commerce website is only the first half of a successful product strategy. In order to determine what is and isn't selling, you need a way to track orders. Our solutions will provide a dashboard with all of your orders so you can effectively keep track of orders and process them accordingly.

Product Inventory Management

You need to know what the inventory on hand is at any given time, which is why we provide you with an easy-to-use dashboard that will keep all your stock levels in order. With this solution there won't be a chance for items to go missing because they're unaccounted for.

Product Descriptions & Documentation

When properly selling products online, it's imperative to create detailed product descriptions and documentation. This way your customers will know exactly what they are purchasing as well as how the product works all while not needing to contact customer service for help.

Product Price Adjustments

One of the things that can be done with our custom product management dashboard is to make price adjustments. If you need to reduce the cost of a product, this will allow you to do so without any hassle at all - keeping in mind your business's policies and guidelines for prices.

Dashboards & Reporting

If you are interested in taking your online selling to another level, you have to consider custom dashboards and reports. Our solutions present a dashboard with all of your products so you can see what's selling, which ones are most popular, inventory levels as well as the ability to make price adjustments accordingly.

Examples of Report Metrics:

  • Revenue during a time period
  • Order Information
  • Returns
  • Product Popularity
  • Customer Details

Collaborative Access

We offer collaborative access to your product management dashboard. This is beneficial because you can share the information with other staff members so you can scale easier. Splitting up responsibility between employees & business partners is an easy way to stay on track.

The Benefits to Proper Product Strategy

Be More Efficient

Effective product strategy & management will help you to be more efficient with your time and effort. You'll have a better understanding of the products your business sells as well as what needs work. This is made easier when paired with our e-commerce solutions because they are fully functioning portals that you can access remotely. This is perfect for when you're working at home or on the go!

Keep Your Customers Happy

Your customers will only be as happy as you keep them. If they have to constantly contact customer service because of an issue with inventory, your business can take a hit pretty quickly. The more efficient and streamlined this process is, the less likely you are to experience these issues. With our product management dashboard in place, it's easier for your customers to be self sufficient.

Increase Sales Volume

There are more benefits to good product strategy & management than just making your customers happy. With an effective product strategy, you can increase sales volumes and keep up with what's selling better - leading to a higher ROI for the business as well.

Lower Expenses

The less time spent on managing products means that there is more time available for other tasks. With more time available, you are able to reduce your expenses on outsourcing. Our product management solutions will help keep your online store running smoothly so there's no money lost on downtime & data gathering.

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