Custom WordPress Web Development for Your Business
WordPress is a powerful CMS that allows you to create and manage a blog or fully functioning website with ease. There are many benefits for small businesses that use WordPress, as it is easy to customize and edit templates, install new plugins, and work on the backend of your site without needing to know how to code. Alphalytics offers custom WordPress web design because we feel it is the best option for web development in terms of cost-effectiveness and functionality.

Responsive Web Design

Our Responsive Web Design Techniques

Flexible Images

  • The flexible images technique ensures that your website will resize without distortion when viewed on a mobile device with its smaller screen, meaning less zooming and more browsing!

Proper Margins, Padding & Fonts

  • If you don't have enough padding around your images, they can get cut off by the web browser on smaller screens. This is not only jarring to look at but it can also make people think that there are links missing from your site!

Optimize Navigation

  • Navigation on a responsive website should be easy to find and use. We'll make sure that your navigation is available at every screen size, so you have control over how much of it appears or disappears as needed.

Typography Strategies

  • Understanding how to place components onto a page is essential element of web design. We'll use the right typography techniques to create a clean interface that has been designed responsively!

Touchscreen Considerations

  • We offer a touchscreen-friendly website design to ensure that your visitors are able to navigate and interact with the site on their tablet, smartphone or other touchscreen device.

Content Placement

  • When it comes to content placement, you'll want to be sure you are putting the most important information first. This includes things like headings or text-based navigation items.

Why Go Responsive?

Rank Higher Than Your Competition

  • If you make sure your website is responsive you will rank above your competitors in Google's search engine results pages. The higher your website appears on the Google SERPS, the more clicks it will receive. This means that you'll be able to get in front of a lot more people.

Usability For Your Audience

  • If you're looking to attract more people and offer a seamless experience, then responsive web design is a must. It's not just about Google - it's also about the people who visit your site. If they can't easily see what you're offering, then chances are that they'll go somewhere else.

Greater Conversion Rates!

  • More time on-site means more opportunity for conversion. Responsive web designed sites are also easier to read, so your visitors will have a better experience and are less likely to leave your site frustrated or confused!
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Our FAQs

The Benefits of Going Responsive
There are several benefits to making sure your website is responsive. One of the most important reasons is that it helps direct your audience to the parts of your website that matters to them. It also helps you to rank higher in search engine results as responsive websites are more easily crawled by both humans and the robots that index them. There are several features that can be incorporated into your site to keep your audience on track, all of which will control your users intent in a responsive way. Another highly valuable reason that responsive web design is important is the higher conversion rates. A conversion rate is when a user takes a desired action such as making a purchase, clicking on an advertisement or signing up for your newsletter. It's important to note that studies have shown that mobile device conversion rates are often less than desktop device conversions, which partly due to an improperly responsive design that makes a successful conversion more difficult. A responsive web design is a good idea because it will automatically adjust to the device that you're using, meaning there's no need for worry about how your website looks. We can spend more time on data analytics and analyzing your traffic! Its important to note that the mobile device market is growing so fast and there's a good chance it'll overtake desktop computer usage altogether, which means responsive web design becomes even more important.
Why Alphalytics Focuses On Responsive Web Design
Responsive web design is more than just dynamically designing around screen size too. Browsers are an ever-changing landscape and it's important to keep up with technology. This means that a website will have to be regularly updated so as not to become obsolete in the search results when browsers stop supporting outdated or deprecated browsers. Second, we're seeing more users on mobile devices than desktops in certain aspects of our society and our developers are trained to create websites that look and feel good on a mobile devices. Many web designers will claim to design things responsively & show proof on a mobile device, however, it's important to note that browsers are not the same on mobile devices as they are on desktops. This means that some websites might seem responsive, but in reality are only a design stretched up or down from a desktop version of itself. This is an example of why our web design team goes to great lengths to make sure the viewable experience for your users makes sense.
Which Design Principles Are Important for a Fully Responsive Website?
The most important principle for web pages that are fully responsive consists of content that is concise and straightforward with short sentences and clear calls-to-action. When developing a responsive website, it's also important to make sure the navigation is intuitive and easy to find without any pinching or zooming involved. You'll want your navigation sections similar in size on all devices as well, but not too big that they take up too much space and aren't easily found. As we stated above, one of the most important things with responsive design is constantly updating your content in order to stay current when browsers stop supporting old or deprecated browser design techniques! To ensure functionality, height and width of the page across both desktop and mobile devices must be considered. If your device doesn't load your websites properly, you will have to scroll up and down as well as left and right, this is extremely counterintuitive. When your site has images loading on it, they shouldn't cause a shift in layout or make the website look cropped. The images on the website should be flexible so that they look good when they are resized to fit narrower screens. This is one of the reasons why responsive web design is important, because many people don't consider needing flexible images that will render differently for a desktop & a mobile device.

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