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Top 5 Most Overlooked SEO Tactics: Grow Your Organic Traffic Today

Brand owners are missing out on SEO tactics that can help them grow their organic traffic. SEO is a powerful tool for any company to use, but it takes time and strategy to take advantage of the opportunities at hand. By utilizing qualified SEO companies like Alphalytics, brands can take SEO from a nice-to-have to a must-have.

This article will walk through 5 SEO tactics that have proven successful for brand owners in the past. Read on to learn more about these tried-and-true SEO tips that you might not be doing!
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A Quick List of The Most Underrated SEO tactics

  1. Content Writing & On-Page SEO

  2. Local Optimization

  3. Image Optimization Efforts

  4. Featured Snippets

  5. Overall Page Speed

Content Writing & On-Page Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a moving target, and it's essential to stay up-to-date on the latest developments to keep your content fresh. By conducting regular keyword research, you can discover new & trending keywords that will organically bring traffic to your web page.

What do I do with these keywords? You might ask.

SEO-skilled content writers will incorporate as many keywords as possible into your website's new & existing pages. It's not always necessary to write entirely new pages. There will be plenty of opportunities to update the existing material you already have.

Why it works: SEO is all about getting more traffic to your site, and content writers that focus on SEO strategies can help you do just that! Content writing has become one of the most integral parts of SEO because these two areas go hand-in-hand with any business looking to grow its online presence.

Rewriting Existing Content

The most overlooked SEO tactic to convince google algorithms that your page is unique is to rewrite your existing content to have updated information & more valuable keywords. Don't worry about rewriting the entire post. You can quickly & easily add specific items from a content audit, like changing up some of the words, phrases, or sections & internal linking to other pages.

Internal Linking Efforts

If you have places to add internal links to other pages on your site, that can be a great way to drive traffic from one page to another. For example, consider internal linking those keywords into the post if you have an article about "how SEO works" and want people to discover other content-related topics like SEO best practices or SEO for beginners. This way, your visitors will know how to access more information about this that is accessible directly on your site.

Writing Unique & Relevant Articles

Search engines crawl your site for the content that's on the page, and it is the quickest & easiest way to understand what your site is about with the actual content on the pages. Search engines reward websites that focus on bringing users relevant information. You will need fresh & unique content with optimized meta descriptions for search engines to understand the reasons for your website.

Duplicate Content Issues

Your SEO strategy must include reviewing an entire article for plagiarism. Many sites are currently not ranking because they are too similar to existing ranking content. When hiring content creators to write unique articles, some of them don't take the time to do the proper research & will end up with duplicate content issues because they copy sections from multiple different articles.

Local Optimization

Location-specific organic search is a massive opportunity for brands looking to increase their search engine rankings. SEO companies can help brand owners get listed on local directories & maps, which will give you increased exposure and more traffic!

How would I even be able to target local searches?

Google My Business is a great place to start. This free tool allows businesses & individuals to create local listings that show up right in the results. In addition, having your business on many different platforms will help search engines quickly verify your business credentials.

Why it works: When people search for products & services, they will turn to local results. Local search optimization helps brands gain more exposure within their industry by appearing on lists of top companies in the area.

Google My Business Optimization

The best local SEO strategy you can implement is through Google My Business. First, make sure your business information is accurate & up to date with the most recent pictures of your location. Each photo should be geo-tagged & optimized with the exact keywords you want to rank for as the file name.

Focusing on making sure you have selected all of the relevant business categories is another excellent way to increase your organic visibility. List your business under as many categories that apply to you, but don't just pick random ones that don't relate, or search engines could ban your location.

Understand Search Intent

The user intent for a local organic search differs from a search done for brands or questions related to a topic. Skilled SEO experts can help you quickly identify which keywords people are typing into the search engine with the highest intent to convert sales or leads for your business. Don't focus on words that come up nationally, but rather, keywords used in your local area.

Many different geographical locations refer to things differently, which will significantly impact your SEO strategy. For example, if you are targeting people searching for the word "soda," but you are a company in a location where people refer to soda as "pop," you will get traffic that isn't valuable for the search intent of your search marketing.

Image Optimization Efforts

Images are on nearly every page of most sites on the internet. Therefore, it's essential to have the proper image optimization in place so that search engines can easily crawl and index your web pages. Unique, high-quality images are a must now that image searches are on the rise & complement the quality content written.

How can I possibly optimize my images?

You can use a few techniques to ensure that your website's images have the best chance to assist with ranking higher. First, all image filenames and alt attributes must be descriptive & relevant for SEO purposes. Second, images need to be the proper size, so they don't take too long to load over slow networks or waste data on a mobile phone.

Why it works: Images help break up the text on web pages & make them more visually appealing to users. High-quality images also give you additional opportunities to include relevant keywords to help the essential pages rank better.

Easily Utilize Keywords

Linking to Google Search Console will give important information about your existing traffic. Using tools like this is an excellent opportunity to evaluate ranking keywords and which ones are missing. In addition, utilizing GSC with image optimization gives a competitive advantage to the site owners who are willing to put effort into some of the more minor underrated tactics.

Optimize Image Size

Large images that take up little to no space on the screen will load much slower and less efficiently than properly sized ones. The speed of your own site is critical because the more Google can crawl it, the quicker it will understand exactly what each page is trying to achieve. Even with the proper site structure & optimized keywords, a slow page with unscaled images will still be challenging to rank.

Core web vitals are a metric that grades websites on the overall user experience. Many different factors go into core web vitals, but site speed is one of the more critical values. It's necessary to figure out how much space the images need because they are the most oversized items on your page.

CDN & Fast Delivery Networks

CDN's and other fast delivery networks are necessary for sites to optimize images & speed up page loads. Since using a CDN is relatively cheap, if not free, there isn't any reason why websites shouldn't be using them.

They are strategically placed servers responsible for hosting your files so users can view them quickly across the globe. These fast delivery networks also allow you to host multiple file types on one site & are optimized to deliver content faster than other solutions.

Featured Snippet Opportunities

Everyone refers to these awesome snippets as position zero. They are a way for users to see information about businesses, products, events, and more right in the search engine results.

Who cares about these? I have a site to optimize!

We understand this mentality, but unfortunately, "Zero Click" Searches account for over 60% of all searches. So if you aren't explicitly planning to rank your content as a snippet, you are losing out on opportunities to get in front of tons of new users every month.

Why it works: These snippets are a great way to increase your website's rankings because they stand out from the rest of the other sites. In addition, optimizing for featured snippets is an easy way to get more users on your site without having to spend money on paid advertising!

Write Quality Content That Answers Questions

To get a featured snippet, you will have to understand which search queries will display these snippets. You can achieve a featured snippet by looking at several different questions that people are asking about your industry & creating content around them!

Use Facts Not Opinions

While writing the SEO article to acquire a featured snippet, you must only provide facts about the question rather than opinions. Search results provide what users need as quickly as possible, so factual statements are essential.

Structure The Content

Following best practices when structuring your content will help you get a featured snippet using the least amount of effort. The more your content meets these standards, the easier it will be to rank for related keywords & phrases.

Punish The Slow Websites

Slow websites ruin the user experience and are unacceptable in the modern web world. Website owners are responsible for keeping their content high quality and loading quickly, which is why Google has begun to punish slow websites by lowering their rankings.

What Is Considered Slow For A Website?

If a site doesn't load within 3-5 seconds, it's considered slow. If a web page takes even longer than that to load, Google will automatically start ranking results from other sites instead of waiting for yours to load. There are plenty of tools that can help analyze each element that is loaded & pinpoint the specific problems.

Why It Works: Site speed helps you rank higher because it shows users that your website is easily accessible. If your web page is slow & difficult to load, users will bounce from it quickly, negatively affecting your click-through rates & overall traffic. In the modern digital world, users don't want to wait for their results.

Do Away With Shared Hosting

Even if you write your content well, it won't get the opportunity to rank if a quality provider doesn't host your site. Shared hosting will negatively affect the SEO results you have worked so hard to get with the other underrated tactics.

Incorporate CDN with Existing Hosting Plan

Using a CDN isn't just for image optimization. You can incorporate a CDN with your existing hosting provider. This is an easy way to boost your site's performance. While using a CDN is important, it's even more crucial that your site isn't bogged down with unnecessary plugins or code.

Make Sure Your SSL Certificate Is Valid

Less than 10% of the top-ranking websites are not secure sites, and this number is decreasing daily. If you still don't have an SSL certificate linked to your domain, now is the time to make that your priority.

Notable Mentions

1. Link Building

Link Building is an important SEO tactic that is becoming more prominent within the industry. Whether you are building backlinks via internal linking or contacting other people for outbound links, you must be searching for opportunities for new backlinks every day.

2. Paid Search or PPC

Link building is one of the more difficult notable mentions, whereas paid search is the easiest. You must pay attention to the metrics used for PPC, or else you will be wasting digital marketing dollars. Even though this is easy, it can be a vital branding tactic.

3. Technical SEO

Most marketers avoid technical SEO because it's more complex than paid search, and it can be unclear. It would be best to learn how to optimize meta descriptions and write a valuable title tag that keeps the same topic as your content.

The Single Most Useless SEO Tactic: Keyword Stuffing

Now that we have covered 5 of the most underrated SEO tactics, it's time to take a look at the most overrated tactic. The single most useless SEO trick? Keyword stuffing! It might have worked in 2008 but not anymore now that overall SEO is more complicated.

Why it doesn't work: This terrible technique is when you stuff your content with so many keywords that search engines can identify them quickly. The main issue is that it's challenging for users to understand what your website is all about.

Let Alphalytics Handle Your Google Rankings

Organic SEO Over PPC

Our digital marketing team puts organic search ahead of both branded searches & pay-per-click because we believe that organic SEO is the best long-term solution for growing your traffic. PPC campaigns are a simple, more straightforward way to get in front of an audience, but it's not as cost-effective. Even large brands need proper SEO because search engines don't recognize brands, just words on a page.

The Best Of Both Worlds: Design & Optimization

Our designers understand how important branding is for digital marketing. We provide you with a beautifully designed website with relevant content to help rank high in search results. Our copywriting team utilizes machine learning & other optimization techniques to help your website reach the top of keyword-specific search engine results pages.

We Understand User Experience

Click-through rates are a fundamental metric for our SEO experts to analyze. This metric will help us understand your user engagement. We can help you rank higher by finding ways to make users want to click more of your links and stay on your site longer.

We Are Alphalytics

Alphalytics is a modern web design company that is proud to call Buffalo, NY their home. Their modern design approach helps every local & national business stand out from the crowd. Their complete web based solutions will establish an identity and confidence with your brand.

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