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Alphalytics provides customized creative web development & design for businesses seeking the best professional web presence. No matter what industry you are in, our experts will work directly with you to create a website that will outrank your competitors.
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Who Is Alphalytics?

Alphalytics is a team of professionals that provide WordPress web development and design for a wide range of industries. We have been working with local & national businesses to get them the most creative website solution possible.

We research your competition, discover how they are marketing themselves online, then use that information to develop a strategy that will capitalize on what they missed. Our experience in digital marketing helps us to draw up a creative website design to outrank your competition.

We know that WordPress is the best CMS for search engine optimization, but it also offers many other benefits, including an easy-to-use content management system (CMS), blogging tools, an enormous plugin library, and much more! Alphalytics can turn all of this into one powerful tool to help your business climb to the top of the search engine ranks.

Let Us Help Your Business Succeed

We are a full-service software development company with extensive experience. Contact us today to get started!

Elite Marketing Strategies

Our marketing strategies and social media experts help you get the most for your investment. From content creation to digital ads, we have a full range of services that will get your brand in front of the right people for the right price.

Know What's Working & What's Not

We provide detailed statistics and information about your visitors, their devices, where they came from to visit. We can track how many people visit your site, how long they are staying, what pages they visit the most, and much more. The analytics will help us make informed decisions about how to increase your website's effectiveness.

Content is Key to an Effective Website

We write original, captivating content that is engaging & well-researched. We utilize natural language processing & machine learning to produce the best results. Writing with a purpose will help engage your audience & give search engines a better idea of where to rank your website for specific searches.

A Great Brand Identity Starts With Us

Your brand is everything that your clients will think of when they hear about you. Our branding experts start by understanding your company's values, goals, and objectives. Then we utilize our creative edge to create beautiful brand strategies that are both modern & attractive that positively impact your business.

Creative & Effective Ads for All Marketing Needs

PPC & Adwords are some of the best ways to build awareness for your brand quickly. We incorporate research with analytics to help get you valuable leads. We believe in an organic first approach where your website has high visibility without paying, but several paid techniques get to the top quickly.


Google Analytics







Innovative Website Design

Our websites are up-to-date, quick, and search engine friendly. All major search engines will regularly check your website for accuracy, so it's essential to keep everything fresh & up to date.

Lightning Fast & Reliable Websites

Because of our hosting provider, we enjoy lightning-fast speeds and a high level of dependability for all of our client sites. This makes it possible for you to keep your site running at all times. Server updates & security settings are always applied promptly to ensure a smooth & secure user experience.

Unmatched Backend Functionality

WordPress is a platform that is easy to use and can be customized to fit your needs. It can be used for blogging, content management (CMS), or even eCommerce. Even though we utilize WordPress, we can guarantee that the finished website will be unique and never look like other sites on the internet.

A Powerful Page Builder for Developers

Oxygen Builder is an excellent framework for web development. It has all of our designers' needs in a straightforward interface that helps them focus on what matters, your website design. Oxygen Builder is an intuitive, advanced page builder that gives us developer freedom to give you a website that stands out.

Build Awareness & Engagement to Your Brand

We provide the most comprehensive SEO services in Buffalo, NY. We back all of our work with accurate analytics & artificial intelligence. Our SEO experts are constantly researching the latest SEO practices. These services are designed to get your website in front of people not specifically looking for your company, rather something you offer.


AWS Hosting




Oxygen Builder



Unique Application Design

Our engineers are the most innovative minds in their field. With a dedication to creating cutting-edge cross-platform software, our multi-platform applications will suit your needs no matter what they may be!

The Best Tool for Professional Development

Rated one of the best IDE's for any developer, our in-house developers utilize Visual Studio to create high-quality apps that solve business process issues. There are several advantages to a well-developed IDE, like efficient testing, streamlined development, and an easy way to collaborate with a team.

Cutting Edge Programming Languages

React has been growing in popularity because of its speed, efficiency & features. GraphQL is used by big corporations to dynamically grab only the needed data to help cut costs in a cloud environment. Our programmers at Alphalytics take full advantage of these tools to create a unified & cross-platform solution.

We Use What's Best for You

Databases are the perfect solution for managing enterprise-level data. Not only do databases provide efficiency and security, but they also allow full control over your data. There are specific use cases for each & it's important to have experience with both to build the right solution for your company.

We Remove the Growing Pains

A modern solution for custom APIs that scale. We use Serverless architectures to create secure, high-performing apps that integrate with databases seamlessly. We can spin up an entire cloud network that will automatically scale with your system. utilizing a serverless structure means you will only have to pay for what you use when you need it.


Visual Studio


React & GraphQL


Relational & 
Non-Relational DB's


Cloud & Serverless

Developing Every Byte of the Way!

Alphalytics is a programming company that understands the way technology works. We strive to provide the best solutions for your business, no matter what you need us to do!
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We Are Alphalytics

Alphalytics is a modern web design company that is proud to call Buffalo, NY their home. Their modern design approach helps every local & national business stand out from the crowd. Their complete web based solutions will establish an identity and confidence with your brand.

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