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Our Responsive Web Design Techniques

Flexible Images

  • The flexible images technique ensures that your website will resize without distortion when viewed on a mobile device with its smaller screen, meaning less zooming and more browsing!

Proper Margins, Padding & Fonts

  • If you don’t have enough padding around your images, they can get cut off by the web browser on smaller screens. This is not only jarring to look at but it can also make people think that there are links missing from your site!

Optimize Navigation

  • Navigation on a responsive website should be easy to find and use. We’ll make sure that your navigation is available at every screen size, so you have control over how much of it appears or disappears as needed.

Typography Strategies

  • Understanding how to place components onto a page is essential element of web design. We’ll use the right typography techniques to create a clean interface that has been designed responsively!

Touchscreen Considerations

  • We offer a touchscreen-friendly website design to ensure that your visitors are able to navigate and interact with the site on their tablet, smartphone or other touchscreen device.

Content Placement

  • When it comes to content placement, you’ll want to be sure you are putting the most important information first. This includes things like headings or text-based navigation items.

Why Go Responsive?

Rank Higher Than Your Competition

  • If you make sure your website is responsive you will rank above your competitors in Google’s search engine results pages. The higher your website appears on the Google SERPS, the more clicks it will receive. This means that you’ll be able to get in front of a lot more people.

Usability For Your Audience

  • If you’re looking to attract more people and offer a seamless experience, then responsive web design is a must. It’s not just about Google – it’s also about the people who visit your site. If they can’t easily see what you’re offering, then chances are that they’ll go somewhere else.

Greater Conversion Rates!

  • More time on-site means more opportunity for conversion. Responsive web designed sites are also easier to read, so your visitors will have a better experience and are less likely to leave your site frustrated or confused!

Services Related To Responsive Web Design

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Landing Page Design

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Membership and Client Portals

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