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Alphalytics Business Application Options

Inventory Tracking

We will work with you from the ground up to design an inventory management application. We will create a fully functioning databases for managing stock levels and accounting. You will be able to see dashboards & reports of your inventory from anywhere. You won’t have to worry about over ordering or under stocking.

Accounting & Financial Tracking

We will help you manage your financial process and all the accounting that goes with it. Tracking your financials & performing end of month task is no longer time-consuming. Our software is always easy to use and offers a full solution.

Quality Control & Inspection Tracking

You will have a full suite of options for quality control. We can help you track any type of inspection process, from initial inspections to final checks before shipment. You’ll be able to see in real-time if there are any issues or problems and get it all resolved immediately!

Sales Tracking

Sales tracking can be optimized with proper reporting & analytics. We will create a CRM application for your sales team. We’ll provide the data they need to know how much time their spending on what, and what types of customers are most successful. Helping them optimize every action they take!

Project Management

We will create a project management application customized to your business. You’ll be able to track projects from start-to-finish and see how much on time you have left for each one. This will also help for scope creep & budgeting.

Business Process Analysis

We’ll work with you to find the best business processes for your company. We can develop business applications that are able to see how much time is spent on task & duties. This will allow us to create a solution that will help streamline any inefficiencies to make your staff more efficient.

We Modernize Business Applications

Its More Than Just Design

It’s not enough to build a new application, we also help you modernize your current work flow. We offer continuous updating to ensure your business applications are up-to-date. This will guarantee the best possible user experience for employees.

We Are Focused

We pride ourselves on being the best possible partner in this process and always have your interests at heart. We are not just about building software, we’re here to partner with you and help your business succeed.

We Have Industrial & Business Knowledge

Understanding your industry is one of our strengths. We have programmers that have worked in many different industries. Resulting in a development team that has extensive knowledge with all kinds of business applications.

Services Related To Business CRM and ERP

Alphalytics has got you covered with a myriad of solutions. Our team of professionals can create personalized apps, supercharge your web presence with SEO-friendly content, and provide real-time analytics to help you reach peak performance. So why wait? Browse through our other related service solutions and take your business to the next level.

API and Cloud Integrations

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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence software helps analyze data that will help your organization thrive in your industry. Our development team will write tools that can transform data into insightful data....

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Data Migrations and Integrations

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