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About Alphalytics - One of Western New York's Lead Web Design Companies!

Alphalyitcs is a leading WNY web development company based in Buffalo, NY. We offer optimal web design services for Western New York businesses like yours. From Buffalo to Niagara Falls, we offer affordable, optimized solutions for businesses across the region and beyond. Whether building an e-commerce site or developing a new mobile app, our development team takes care of your company's web presence as our own. Our services are cost-effective and friendly yet still, exhibit the highest level of professionalism.

We offer modern website design solutions...

What Our Web Design Team Can Do For You

Alphalytics provides clients with a deeper understanding of modern web design techniques used in their industry and across the globe. You'll gain access to valuable industry insights and simple yet effective web design improvement techniques by working with us. We optimize and continually update our web development process so you don't have to worry about keeping up with the ever-evolving digital landscape. It's clear that innovative web design has become a necessity in today's society if you want to succeed, so we deliver results without the hassle of old and impractical design methods.

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Have you purchased a site that's grown stale over the years in a sea of identical companies?

From Start-Ups to Grounded Companies, Our Web Design Strategies Make A Difference

Whether your company is decades old or fresh in the industry, our web design techniques go further than designing and developing websites. From inception, we develop a rapport to ensure the entire web design process is collaborative and successful. As Google gets smarter and competitors advance, our client's web presence must become savvier. That's why our team of developers seeks to understand your company and industry through rigorous research and by adopting the latest design methods. By doing this, we gain a deeper understanding of the unique qualities that distinguish our clients from their competitors in the industry and translate those differences into effective design choices.

Meet Our Team

Meet the crew! – The skilled and passionate professionals at Alphalytics are dedicated to helping you reach your business goals. Our web developers, data analysts, and marketing specialists combine a diverse knowledge group. Our team of web developers, data analysts, and marketing specialists brings an unparalleled level of expertise to the table. With backgrounds in software and web development, engineering, data analytics, and more, we're ready to provide tailored solutions for your needs!
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Our Founders

Co-Founder / Co-CEO

Danny Phoenix

Duke of Development
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Co-Founder / Co-CEO

Nick Nenno

Server Side Caesar
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Innovative Web Design, Unique Business Solutions

Jeremiah Navarro

Web Developer
User Experience Guru
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Elite Marketing Strategies

Tanner Baron

Ads Specialist
External Communications Aficionado
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Elite Marketing Strategies

Josh Goodman

Research Extraordinaire
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Our experts are ready - are you?

Start Your Growth Off Strong

At Alphalytics, our experts are passionate professionals dedicated to helping you reach your goals with web design, marketing, and unique business applications. Every solution is tailored to meet individual client needs, so why settle for less? Unlock the power of your company and take the next step in reaching your goals today!

Starting as an idea from a duo of developers.

Our Company Timeline

Alphalytics has provided data-driven solutions and business applications since the year of 2015. Our team was founded by two developers with a vision of helping small businesses succeed through web design, marketing, and unique business applications.

  1. Humble Origins

    Founded in 2015 by two young bartenders, Danny Phoenix & Nicholas Nenno, Alphalytics provides a personable relationship that local business owners trust. Their experience as bartenders gives them an innate insight into people's behaviors and the needs of individual customers. Moreover, they believed a certain philosophy to ring true for web development and bartending: much like crafting a showstopping cocktail, creating a successful modern website requires the perfect combination of ingredients and techniques! This drive ultimately led them to fill a gap in the local digital marketing & web design industry.

  2. Education & Expertise

    Danny & Nick attended college for Computer Science & Information Systems, giving them an edge over other inexperienced web design companies. Through their research and expertise in web design & modern SEO techniques, they created modern websites and business applications for multiple local entities that generate organic traffic, look professional, and feel responsive.

  3. Honing Skills & Growth

    As their company grew, Danny & Nick honed their communication skills, streamlined their workflow and design processes, reevaluated their responsibilities as a business solutions provider, and focused on providing reliable support throughout every step of their clients' growth process. With a guarantee of tailored services for each client to help make their businesses successful, they knew their journey was just beginning!

Benefit from experienced developers who are ready to assist in your success!

Cultivating Success and Growth is What We Do!

Our professional website design process maintains a personality that most development firms lack. We are fun to work with and have a full team of skilled web developers which is difficult to find. In the end, life is best enjoyed when you’re having fun. Alphalytics wants to enjoy your success with you. We ensure that you'll enjoy the increase in traffic, exposure, and revenue as you grow.

We Invite You to Begin Your Journey With Alphalytics!

At Alphalytics, we believe that the journey to success should be enjoyable. We enjoy working with our clients and strive to make the web design process as fun for you as it is for us. Contact us today for a consultation and to embark on an adventure toward success!

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