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Jeremiah Navarro

Web Developer

User Experience Guru

Early Life & Career 

Like most kids growing up, Jeremiah started as an aspiring baseball player. Even though he was a great learner in school, he looked mostly toward sports for his future. However, this all changed in high school. A class offered by the school allowed students to be introduced to basic/simple coding aspects. These aspects were explored with a builder-type application. He used building blocks to make a character move from one block to another based on the target location.

On top of this, an engineering program allowed his class to delve into robotics, making them move according to the amount of sound or light received from the front or rear. This is where his aspiration to code began to grow. It was then that he decided his love for creation, innovation, and ingenuity would be best pursued with programming. His dream was and still is to create applications to make others’ lives easier and seamless!

Skills & Current Role Responsibilities

As a web developer, Jeremiah is passionate about creating engaging and effective website designs. He enjoys collaborating with a team of professionals to implement website features and functionality. His primary responsibility is to develop website design and functionality using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He puts his expert skills to use to create and maintain website architecture, including server and database management. He also implements Web security measures such as SSL and CAPTCHA to ensure that websites are secure while monitoring site performance and making updates as needed.

Jeremiah is proficient in optimizing website code for search engine optimization (SEO) and web performance. Keeping up to date with emerging web development technologies and trends is always a priority for him. He is known for his problem-solving skills and ability to multitask and manage time effectively. Ultimately, his primary aim is to develop high-quality and engaging web designs that cater to the needs and requirements of his clients.

Awards & Accolades

Graduated high school

Currently enrolled at Niagara community college for Computer information systems

Jeremiah’s Pets

He currently has 2 dogs at home, and they are amazing! One’s name is Loki, as in the god of mischief, trickery, and deception. He is big and fluffy like a wolf, with the eyes of a bear and fur that resembles night. Loki will disappear in a flash at night if you don’t pay enough attention. The other name is Luna, as in the divine embodiment of the moon! She reminds jeremiah a lot of a fennec fox. She loves to sleep and lies over her tail in a ball! They are like yin and yang or, as some say, two pees in a pod! If they are not playing tug of war, you can see them cuddling with Loki’s head on lunas while they sunbathe!

Interesting Facts

His fascination with space often leaves him in awe of the vastness and mystery of the universe, but at the same time the vastness of the ocean makes him feel anxious due to thalassophobia. Growing up, he played nearly all sports and developed a love for football, with the Buffalo Bills being his favorite team.

When he’s in the mood for more laid-back activities, he enjoys watching anime and diving into the fascinating animated storytelling world of different series. He also enjoys drinking Alpha Addict’s Red Riding Hood flavor coffee from time to time. He has an affinity for learning about mythological animals and beings too. Spending time with his friends and family is also an important part of his life – whether it is going out to eat, going on a hike, or watching a movie – that always fills him with joy and happiness.

What Jeremiah Does for Fun

During his free time, Jeremiah indulges in various activities that make me happy and relaxed. One of his favorite hobbies is video gaming. He loves to immerse himself in exciting gaming worlds and test strategies with friends while also indulging in single-player gameplay. A more adventurous hobby that he loves to partake in is rock climbing. Although the sport is terrifying for some, for Jeremiah, it’s thrilling, challenging, and a great way to exercise his physical and mental abilities.

He also enjoys watching anime when in the mood for more laid-back activities. He loves to dive into the fascinating and animated storytelling world of anime. Spending time with friends and family is also an important part of his life. Whether it is going out to eat, going on a hike, or watching a movie, being around loved ones always fills him with joy and happiness. His hobbies and activities combine relaxation, thrill-seeking, and bonding moments that make for a happy and fulfilling life.

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