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Josh Goodman


Research Extraordinaire

Early Life & Career 

Josh was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, attending high school at Cleveland Hill Highschool. After he graduated, he attended Buffalo State University, Erie County Community College, and in the midst of covid, Grand Canyon University. He studied Computer Information Systems, Computer Systems & Repair, Communications, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Most recently, Josh has earned his TEFL/TESOL certification to help foreigners gain a better foundation in English, especially with English used on the net.

Here, Josh discovered his passion for linguistics and decided to pursue careers involving using human language in a myriad of ways. Stemming from his passion for language, Josh also has taken up Japanese as a second language to develop a foothold in the translation industry and as a life-long challenge to strive for fluency. He plans to continue to add more spoken languages on top of becoming proficient in computer languages. Josh currently works as a copywriter specialist for Alphalytics, focusing on search engine optimization and digital marketing.

Skills & Current Role Responsibilities

As a copywriter for Alphalytics, Josh’s daily activities involves producing a range of high-quality, engaging content that promotes the company’s brand and services. This content includes but isn’t limited to service industry copy, search engine optimized copy, informative blog posts, social media posts, ad campaign copy, and more. The types of copywriting Josh produces are tailored to different audiences, such as potential clients locally and nationwide, established customers, and industry professionals.

This requires a deep understanding of the target market for each client demographic and the ability to craft messaging that resonates with them. Josh works alongside web designers, ad specialists, social media specialists, and Alphalytics management to develop and execute effective marketing campaigns over long stints. This collaboration is essential to ensure the message sentiment and search engine optimization across all channels are consistent and aligned with the company’s overall marketing strategy.

Josh’s role involves conducting market research and analyzing competitors to identify trends and opportunities for optimization. This involves monitoring the performance of marketing campaigns, translating engagement metrics, and using this information to refine future campaigns and content. Josh is also responsible for crafting and messaging that effectively communicates the value of Alphalytics’ services and solutions, which helps the company achieve its marketing and business goals. Overall, the role of a copywriter for Alphalytics requires excellent writing skills, creativity, and the ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.

Awards & Accolades

  • Hour of Code Teaching Award
  • Erie 1 BOCES Certificate of Completion
  • Tech Wars 1st Place Class 2016
  • TEFL/TESOL Certification (Certified to Teach English as a Foreign Language)
  • Student Pilot Certification
  • Alice Game Programming Challenge

Josh’s Pets

Josh’s companion in crime: Iggy A.K.A Iggy-Kun, Iggy-Sama, Lord Igward

Interesting Facts

Josh was a young aspiring violinist and was privately tutored from the ages of 11 to 16, performing for various venues throughout Buffalo. He also took up martial arts at 12, studying Judo for several years, where he got his first taste of foreign language learning. Josh also pursued his interest in aviation as an aviation technology student, a Civil Air Patrol recruit, and a student pilot at Prior Aviation through Erie 1 BOCES. In this program, he flew single-engine aircraft and intends to earn his recreational and private flying license eventually. His interest in computers led him to become experienced in building both mock and real computer systems for friends and family members. He also has been self-teaching Japanese since 2019 with long-term plans to expand his linguistic horizons to Spanish, French, Russian, and Korean.

What Josh Does for Fun

Josh likes to play PC games with friends for leisure. He also occasionally plays tabletop, board, and card games. When not actively or passively studying language, he likes to spend time in nature with his dog, Iggy, or go hiking on trails looking for fungi with his twin sister. Josh enjoys watching classic or modern films, honing his traditional and digital art skills, reading books or manga, doing creative writing projects, and running on Buffalo’s many nature trails.

Occasionally, Josh spends time bird-watching with his Mom, and on his own, Josh likes to watch aircraft land, taxi, and take off at the nearest Buffalo airstrips. He keeps his eyes and ears out for the latest news on new aircraft innovations, scientific discoveries, and as of late, ocean discoveries. When the weather is warm, he also enjoys longboarding at varying spots across Buffalo.

Recently, Josh has been exploring the prospect of creating 3D and pixelated art to create art projects he enjoys and assets for game developers. He also plans on taking several trips to historical or picturesque cities and landmarks across the U.S. and the world in the coming decades. While traveling, he hopes to make the most out of his time speaking to locals in their native tongue, eating new cuisine, trying his hand at photography, and documenting these experiences through journaling and art.

Even at rest, Josh lets his imagination take hold, creating stories and worlds that probe at philosophical concepts. He’s always up for a good challenge and loves taking on unique projects that develop his mind and expand his skill set.

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