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Nick Nenno

Co-Founder / Co-CEO

Server Side Caesar

Nicholas Nenno, the Business Process Director and Co-Founder of Alphalytics, is a dynamic force in the field of data engineering, client services, project management, and business process strategies. A graduate of Niagara University, Nicholas achieved several accolades and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer & Information Science.

With a relentless pursuit to work smarter rather than harder, Nicholas is the driving force behind many of the streamlined processes within our company. His forward-thinking mindset and innovative approach enable him to identify and implement efficient solutions for diverse business challenges. Nicholas takes pride in his ability to control his entire house with his phone, exemplifying his affinity for integrating cutting-edge technology into everyday life.

Trust is the cornerstone of Nicholas’ professional ethos. He believes that cultivating trust in any business relationship is paramount, prioritizing it above all other features. This commitment fosters enduring partnerships built on mutual understanding and collaboration.

When Nicholas is not researching and adopting new business techniques, he indulges his passion for video games or can be found tinkering with his car. These hobbies reflect his dedication to continuous learning and problem-solving, traits that enhance his ability to navigate complex projects and deliver exceptional results.