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Elite Marketing Strategies

Tanner Baron

Ads Specialist

External Communications Aficionado

Early Life & Career 

Tanner was always an outgoing child, finding fun in every moment. She grew up playing soccer and softball, going camping with her family every summer, and owning the most popular pop-up lemonade stand in town. In high school, she spent her weekends playing for her school and travel softball teams. Tanner was also on the varsity bowling team. She worked many types of jobs in the restaurant industry from cooking in the kitchen to being a head waitress.

This is where she learned many skills when it comes to selling, great communication with customers, and creating a fun work environment. She was always intrigued by the marketing world since her mother worked in it for over a decade. After conquering remote college classes during the pandemic, she graduated with a Business Bachelor’s degree from UB. Shortly after graduating, she was hired as the Digitals Ads Specialist at Alphalytics where she continues to grow her skills and accomplishments.

Skills & Current Role Responsibilities

As a Digital Ads Specialist, her main role is to create and manage digital advertising campaigns on various platforms such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. This includes tasks such as researching and identifying target audiences, developing ad strategies, and creating engaging ad content. Throughout her typical work week, Tanner ensures all accounts have the best optimization they can have and that they are bringing in valuable leads.

Optimizing Google Ad campaigns is essential for maximizing effectiveness and ensuring businesses get the most out of their advertising budget. This involves continually reviewing and analyzing campaign data to identify areas of improvement such as ad targeting, keywords, ad content, and bid strategies. By optimizing these elements, businesses can increase the visibility and appeal of their ads, ultimately leading to a higher click-through rate, better conversion rate, and lower cost-per-click.

Tanner also monitors how users interact with each site and finds ways to make their landing page experience the best it can possibly be. Monitoring user behavior on client sites through analytic tools like Microsoft Clarity can provide valuable insights into how users interact with the website and any areas that may need improvement. Analyzing user behavior data such as clickthrough rates, time spent on pages, and bounce rates can help identify issues and opportunities to optimize the website for user satisfaction.

Additionally, Tanner ensures clients have good landing page experiences to help increase user engagement and conversion rates. By analyzing user behavior and optimizing landing pages, Tanner helps businesses improve their overall website performance and user satisfaction, ultimately leading to better results and revenue growth. Another responsibility of hers is creating elaborate keyword reports in Google Sheets to give our clients a detailed insight into how their ads are expected to perform throughout the year and what their fully optimal budget should be. Tanner specializes in analyzing website analytics for each company so we can properly track incoming leads and track the performance of our campaigns. Researching competitors and their performance is also an important responsibility she holds.

Studying competitors in marketing can provide valuable insights into their successes and failures, allowing businesses to adjust their own strategies accordingly. And by analyzing competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, Tanner helps businesses identify opportunities to differentiate themselves and improve their own marketing efforts. She works to make sure we stay up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing so that all of our sites are able to generate maximum results. Through her dedication and hard work, Tanner has been able to help many companies find success with their online presence.

Awards & Accolades

  • Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing from the University at Buffalo (2022)
  • Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts: Humanities & Social Sciences from Niagara County Community College (2019)

Tanner’s Pets

Mason (left) & Bailey (right) – Shih Tzu’s, 8 years old.

Interesting Facts

Tanner is a multi-talented individual with a diverse, intriguing set of skills and interests. She has achieved a black belt in boxing and kickboxing, demonstrating her self-defense expertise. Beyond athletics, she also has a passion for creativity and spends her free time customizing and selling Nike Air Force sneakers. With an eye for aesthetic design and a passion for fitness, Tanner is a well-rounded individual who embraces a variety of interests.

What Tanner Does for Fun

Tanner’s idea of fun includes playing on a bar league kickball team, watching the drama unfold weekly on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, and attending concerts and Buffalo Bills games with her family. She enjoys being active and social but also likes to unwind with some reality TV and immerse herself in the excitement of live music and sports events. Go Bills!

Spotify Playlist

“AlphaLITics” Office Playlist